List of Contents

Цель книги – Sinn des Buches – Idea behind the Book

Studying Economics in St. Petersburg, Leipzig and Freiburg
Polytechnic University in Petersburg and University of Leipzig – Graduation, first experience in banking and thesis in Freiburg – Academic in pre-revolutionary Russia

Revolution and Emigration
Levin’s thoughts on Lenin’s economic thinking – Decree on expropriation, article on Helfferich and red terror – From Finland to Berlin, the stepmother among Russian cities

Chances in the German Academic Circles?
Lessons in Breslau and a Russian university in Berlin – Media, publishing companies and authors in Russian Berlin

Chances in Berlin‘s Banks?
Investment-banking for Russian emigrants: with reputation and network – Jewish director of Northern banks – Linking provincial banks to the financial centre

From Bank Director to Bank Owner
The G. Löwenberg Bank – Options und rivals in Germany's trade with Eastern Europe – Monopolies and ‘Russian Bills’ in trade relations – Signals of crisis, economic crime and the Rul’ article

Affairs and Scandals – Scene: Berlin
Forgers in German-Russian areas of tension – From Sklarek through Raiffeisen to Stinnes – The “plagued” German middle class

The Löwenberg Case and Levin’s Escape
Explanations, Clarifications, Complications – Stopover in Paris: at the end of the Années Folles – Theory, practice and literature of forgery

From South to North America
Get younger and change your name in Rio – Despite a profile: from Brazil through Cuba to a new start in Harvard – Unmasking in January 1933 – J. F. Normano’s list of references

Extradition and Foreign Policy
Hitler’s seizure of power as Normano’s opportunity – Non Habeas Corpus Meum: first turning point in the trial – SELMA’s intercession and Freisler’s support – Release, rearguard action and a consequence

Harvard Revisited?
Harvard’s Jewish Question –
The Hanfstaengl Dilemma – A race between upcoming economists

A US-Brazilian Scientist
Struggle for South America: following World War I – Brazil: from Bandeirante to Paulista – Attempt at a bibliography and the comeback

Pre-war Planning
Struggle for South America: before World War II – Appeal for economic defense – The Latin-American Institute’s contribution –  USA changes position: from neutrality to non-belligerency

Post-war Planning
The Japanese in South America – Change of perspective toward Asia – Russian Economic Institute under same roof with Frankfurt School – Asia the economic battlefield: planning the post-war world

Post-mortem: Who quotes Levin – Who Normano?
Work on Russia: reviews during and following the Cold War – Work on Latin-America: cornerstones of dependency theory?

A Second Look
The Struggle for South America: Economy and Ideology – Brazil: A Study of Economic Types – The Spirit of American Economics – The Spirit of Russian Economics