Isaac Levin / J. F. Normano wrote his works in Russian, German and English. He also lived in respective countries. His publications can be found in libraries worldwide. So this book may find the interest of non-German readers, too. Short introductions in English and Russian are given below.

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This review is from: Bankier, Fälscher, Historiker (Perfect Paperback)

This new biography is only available in German. I have posted a detailed review in amazon.de.
If you are interested in the history of emigration in the 20th century, and if you can read German, it should be worth your time.
The subject is a Russian Jewish economist and banker, Isaac Lewin, who was driven from home by the October revolution, became a banker in Berlin, got involved with fraudulent activities, ran, ended up in the US via Brazil. He had acquired a new identity in the process. Now he was a Brazilian called John or João F. Normano. Normano was briefly able to hold a position in Harvard, but then he was found out and arrested. The US was willing to extradite him to Germany, but, absurdly, he was saved by Hitler's rise to power. The man was set free and stayed in Boston as an investment banker until he got entangled in yet another criminal event, the failure and strange death of his employer. He lived until 1945 and made himself a moderate name as an economist writing about Latin America.
(The author Hans Lembke is a friend of mine.)